Treasury: Cash and Capital Management

Strategic cash and capital management are critical for businesses that need a solid foundation on which to build a profitable future. CFOs handle responsibilities from investing assets to managing risk to overseeing the business’s capital structure, and they do this while balancing today’s needs with tomorrow’s demands. Discover how to implement treasury best practices in your business.

What is the Consultant’s Role When the Project is Complete?

The fear of ongoing fees that don’t yield high returns prevents many companies from capitalizing on the investment they make in their advisors. Think about how much your consultants have learned about your company, industry, stakeholders and business processes.    They give the owner and business leaders an unbiased and independent business perspective that can’t be found within any stakeholder group. The challenge company leaders face…

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How A Consultant Can Boost Your Efficiency

All companies want to improve their efficiency, but many find it difficult to identify the gaps in their business practices that are preventing them from achieving significant breakthroughs. One remedy for this malady is to use an external resource that isn’t blinded by the company’s tradition and norms. A financial consultant with a fresh, outside perspective, sophisticated analytical skills and new technology can give an…

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Who Should Attend Your Next Budget Meeting?

A budget is one of the most important documents your company will produce this year: no other document has as much potential to keep the organization on track and translate your vision into reality. The most important contribution your executive team will make to the company is planning for its future. The budget is a critical step in that planning process. Too often employees preparing…

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The Investment Pitch

For many companies, asking for investor dollars can be intimidating: after all, it requires a company to parade itself—exposing some of its most confidential information: its strategy, customers, financials and operating practices — to outsiders. But bringing in a consultant early will help you identify the gaps and weaknesses, as well as hidden strengths, before the investors get the chance.   Forewarned helps you get forearmed…

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Why Your Procurement Staff and Sales Department Must Work Together

For many companies, the procurement department and the sales staff might as well speak different languages. After all, one group is busy buying new materials while the other is selling the finished product; their job descriptions are so different they might as well be housed in different ends of the building. This is a common error that blocks their ability to share knowledge.

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Tough Times: What an Uncertain Economy Means for You

Economic progress is slowly ebbing along, more sideways than upwards.  The stock market rally has given us a sense of hope that things are turning around, yet economic growth has been relatively flat for some time and employment remains below the levels prior to the Great Recession.   It’s amazing how little things have changed in recent years.   The article below was written in the fall…

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What Every Executive Needs to Know About Financial Reports

Financial information is the foundation for excellent planning systems. In just about every business, information is a key factor to success. Information needs to be accurate, available and timely. Imagine for a minute you are a fashion designer. Wouldn’t it be useful to know that the hot color for spring is purple before you cut, sew and ship your whole collection of green and yellow shirts?…

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