Business Valuation

What is your business worth? For owners and leaders who pour their hard work, energy, and determination into a business, the answer is, “A lot”!  How does KRM achieve this?

  • Tools to help you understand the market value of your business

We help you put a more concrete value on your company, which is critical if you plan on selling. Even if you want to retain ownership, a clear understanding of your market worth helps you identify short- and long-term ways to increase profitability. And that is worth a lot.

  • Identify the special attributes of your business that will make it more attractive to buyers

The value of your business is impacted by a host of factors, such as assets, liabilities, revenue, projected revenue, and risk. We analyze these influences and identify the special characteristics and attributes that make your business more attractive to buyers, such as a growing customer base, experienced, effective leadership teams, or recurring revenue.  Knowing the value of your business ensures you can make the best financial and strategic decisions.

  • Steve was able to provide us with the insight and forecast visibility we needed to manage a healthy cash flow and investments in growth.  Without Steve we would not have been able to get the financing we needed to reach our full potential.  We are now able to secure the financing and strategic long-term investments we need to succeed. 

    Woodrow King

  • We approached Steve because we knew we needed help but we didn’t know where to start. With his extensive experience and financial expertise, Steve was quick to recognize where we needed to improve in order to meet our financial goals. Under his guidance, and by utilizing the tools he provided, we were able to move away from running the company on a month-to-month basis and take on a longer term, more financially stable view of our business. 

    Allie Magyer
    Dynamic Events

  • With years of strategic business planning and turnaround know how, Steve Rosvold is positioned to assist in finding innovative ways to use technology and process improvements to eliminate waste and free-up vital resources to support strategic and tactical initiatives.

    Hubert A. Fournier
    Chief Financial Officer
    Masterfeeds, Inc.

  • With [KRM's] practical approach and thorough understanding of the business we were able to accomplish our objectives in a short and efficient window.

    Gary Mize
    Chief Operating Officer
    Noble Group

  • I was pleased with KRM’s business acumen and the level of detail KRM brought to the project.

    Craig Reiners
    Director of Procurement
    MillerBrewing Co


  • Steve made a big difference for our company in a short period of time. He stepped in temporarily to lead our accounting group and act as a member of our leadership team during an important period of transition. His excellent communications skills and his professional knowledge helped relieve the stress of having a key management position vacant. He performed day-to-day functions when needed, but was also comfortable stepping in to provide advice or recommend a change.  Steve cared about our business as a whole, not just one function. His expertise and skillful manner of leading change resulted in a great experience for all of us.

    Heidi Piper Schultz
    Vice President, Administration
    Corwin Beverage

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