AFT Assessment Mini Tool

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The AFT Assessment will measure how your Accounting, Finance and Treasury departments are contributing to the success of your business
Select a Rating for Each Statement
We have access to enough capital
Our internal controls are very strong
Our finance operations are sophisticated enough for our future operations
Our senior financial executive is a key contributor to the leadership team
Our management reports include the right information
Our financial forecasts are extremely useful as a tool to manage our business
Our AFT Department works well with other internal departments
Our transactions are processed and recorded timely
Thank you for taking KRM’s brief AFT Assessment TM. We think the results provide you with a great snapshot of the contribution your accounting, finance and treasury departments are making toward the success of your business.
  • 8 – 12 = Triage Required: Significant investment in your AFT Departments is required. Weaknesses exist that will limit your growth and could cause business failure.
  • 13 – 18 = Great Opportunity: New investment in your AFT departments will have a quick payback. It will prepare you for rapid growth and identify areas where efficiency improvements will have the most impact.
  • 19 – 25 = Excellent Upside: A few key pillars (categories) in your AFT departments may require investment to allow for profitable growth.
  • 26 – 33 = Selective Improvement: Generally you are well prepared. Focus your investment on any items you scored as “Unsure”, “Somewhat Disagree” or “Disagree” on.
  • 34 – 40 = Fine Tuning: Your AFT departments are operating effectively. Reviewing areas scoring “Unsure”, “Somewhat Disagree” or “Disagree” may be useful. Monitor by using the AFT Assessment at least annually.

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