Finance: Strategy, Forecasting, Budgeting & Planning

How do we use data to make decisions? KRM’s interim and part-time CFO work includes strategy, forecasting, budgeting, and planning so your business can turn information into strategic action. Explore how we can help strengthen your financial processes – and how you can achieve better results.

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Steps to Take When Hiring a Consultant

Navigating a dynamic and complex business world is no easy task. If you have been in business any length of time your company has managed to overcome all kinds of issues and challenges. As you face new challenges there is a good chance some of those trials will be best addressed with the help of outside assistance.

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What Every Buyer and Seller Should Know

Two of the most critical financial transactions any business owner negotiates occur on opposite sides of the table. The day they buy their business and the day they sell it. Although the objectives are different the analytical building blocks to successfully buying or selling a business are the same.

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How Technology has Affected Financial Reporting

In the last decade, the corporate world has witnessed many changes and technology has permeated every aspect of business, including financial and managerial reporting. Below are three areas where the impact on reporting has been the most significant. If your company isn’t realizing the benefits from these changes, it’s missing a golden opportunity.

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Restrictive? Hardly. 6 Ways Good Business Controls Benefit Your Company

In a swift and dynamic environment where business is often conducted at our fingertips, maintaining transparency is essential and having good business controls is fundamental. Contrary to the notion that they are restrictive and binding, good business controls can bring numerous benefits to your company:

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Mitigating Risk: Developing Controls that Fit You and Your Business

“One-size-fits-all” really only works…when it “fits”. Tailoring is required when buying a suit or developing your business controls. Right-sizing your controls will protect your organization. Developing control activities for your business is no different. If they aren’t right-sized, you will be too vulnerable or too restricted to successfully grow your business. Control Activities Through policies, processes and procedures, control activities are the actions taken to…

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Don’t be Vulnerable – Properly Assess the Risks in Your Business

In my recent article, “Balancing Act: Do You Have Too Many Controls, or Too Few?” I summarized the COSO framework for managing risk. In this article, I dig deeper into the assessment side of managing risk. How well does your management team know the risks imbedded in your business? Understanding risk in your organization is instrumental in protecting and successfully growing your company. By practicing…

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Balancing Act: Do You Have Too Many Controls, or Too Few?

Can you imagine working for a company where employees frequently had to make exceptions to get things done? Or where deadlines were constantly being missed?It takes great skill to run a business effectively. Too much or too little control can result in failure. However, finding the right balance is achievable if you know what to look for.Understanding ControlsControls are the guides and related principles that…

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Boost Your Career By Solving This Problem For Your CEO

Movie marathons, holiday parties and star gazing by a campfire are worthy pursuits for staying up late and waking up tired. Worrying about work doesn’t qualify as a good reason for sleepless nights.If your CEO is awake at night worrying about work, there is a good chance it’s due to one of the reasons in the following paragraphs. Recognizing and resolving them can give a…

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How Any Business – Small to Large – Can Develop A Sound Financial Plan

Developing your financial plan from your strategic vision is a critical step in moving toward your dream. Financial plans can be as rudimentary or as complex as you desire, but no one gets too far without some form of plan. A sound financial plan is vital for any size of business – from small startups to large corporations. It’s like a compelling novel, telling the…

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The New Generation of Financial Talent – Where Do You Fit?

Change is inevitable and it can be a good thing. Some of us started out pushing pencils with a green pad of paper from a beige cubicle. Now we’re pushing buttons with green energy from the comforts of home. As we move further into the 21st century, the world of finance continues to progress beyond applications and the environment.

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