Finance: Strategy, Forecasting, Budgeting & Planning

How do we use data to make decisions? KRM’s interim and part-time CFO work includes strategy, forecasting, budgeting, and planning so your business can turn information into strategic action. Explore how we can help strengthen your financial processes – and how you can achieve better results.

Rolling Forecasts

Be Agile and Responsive: Implement A Rolling Forecast

Adjusting nimbly to rapidly changing business conditions, will keep your business in the “(k)now”. Stop waiting for the annual edition of Your Business – The Past 12 Months. Instead, stay ahead of the game with “Rolling Forecasts”.

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Get Your Budget Right (the First Time)

A budget done right is a roadmap to the future. Many new and growing businesses aren’t aware of how much detailed work is involved in preparing the data. It’s a lot of effort, but having an accurate plan for the coming year is essential to your company’s success.Here are our top tips for making a budget that will work for you:

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What is the Human Capital Net Worth of Your Business?

Where would Microsoft be without Bill Gates? Google without Larry Page? Or the Miami Heat without LeBron James? For some organizations, net worth is directly linked to specific individuals. Otherwise known as human capital, Investopedia defines it as “A measure of the economic value of an employee’s skill set . . . the education, experience and abilities of an employee have an economic value for…

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Merging Companies to Grow Profits? Read This First

When 1 plus 1 equals 3 its time to consider a merger. What’s driving your main initiatives? If you’re like many executives, it’s competitive pressure. To ensure short-term survival or profitable growth, leaders are searching for ways to reduce costs and increase distribution channels. How? Frequently, the answer lies with those same competitors, especially in industries with margin pressure or slow sales growth.

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selling your business

It’s Your Market: Position Yourself for a Profitable Exit When Selling Your Business

Good news, business owners: it’s a sellers’ market. A confluence of factors—economic recovery, rising stock prices, low interest rates, and the long-term investor portfolio shift to business acquisitions—has created a perfect storm, but instead of getting battered by the waves, as in years past, this front can steer owners towards a profitable exit strategy. How can you capitalize on this opportunity?

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Putting the Information and the Plan Into Action: Execution Stage

It may be the last stage of the strategic process, but it’s the most important. You’ve spent significant time and effort developing market intelligence and building a plan, but a poorly written plan that’s well executed is still more successful than a good plan that is poorly executed.

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Driving Your Strategy Through Data and Planning

Business and vacations are alike in one way: once you’ve established where you’re going, a plan and a map to get there are very helpful. While even the best-laid plans require adjustments you are better off forging ahead with one than without one.

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business challenges

Facing Business Challenges? Recover In 3 Steps!

Whether you’re a new entrepreneur or the leader of a Fortune 500 company, doing business today presents universal business challenges. Managing the complications globalization, increasing regulation, new technology and a fast-moving economy all present requires precision and expertise. If you’ve lost your balance and find your organization in trouble, it doesn’t mean the show’s over. You can use these three steps to begin your recovery….

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